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Are you feeling stressed?

Having a hard time sleeping?

Feeling pain in your body?

Having a hard time turning off racing thoughts?

Feeling out of tune with your body?


Distance Reiki is a great option for those who are ready to take their healing to the next level. Reiki energy promotes full-body relaxation to allow for deeper healing. Reiki provides stress relief, better sleep, healing of emotional and physical pains,

and full-body balancing.

Reiki energy is the universal life force that we all have in us. We are all made of energy and connected on this earth. When you stub your toe and you grab your foot to relieve the pain, that is reiki energy that you are sending to that area. To be able to send reiki energy across time and space, there is training and practice involved, as well as an attunement to the reiki energy. Distance reiki is just as effective as in-person reiki.


We’ll start with a brief discussion of your intentions, and then you’ll be able to turn off your camera and get comfy. I’ll have gentle music playing to further set the stage for relaxation and healing while I start the session. Some people decide to journal, meditate, visualize the energy, or even fall asleep. All of these are perfect ways to accept the reiki healing. After the session is complete, we’ll discuss how you feel and my recommendations to continue the healing process.

You can also choose to have the session while you go about your day. I will email or text you when the session has started and follow up afterward with your recommendations. Both types of distance reiki are effective for your healing.

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1000 N 9th St #42

Grand Junction, CO 81501

Hours of Operation:

Monday 8am-12pm

Tuesday 2pm-6pm

Wednesday 2pm-6pm

Thursday 8am-12pm

Friday 8am-12pm

Saturday 10am-3pm

Contact us with any questions at

(970) 210-3581

Or send us a message!

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